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Ever since we established the Diastello band in the mid 1980's, we have grown and developed into an in-demand line up of experienced and professional wedding musicians. We offer all our clients the highest quality entertainment. Our music service will always cover every aspect of your special day. We go the extra mile to ensure the day becomes one of the most memorable and happy occasions.

Over the years we have built an extensive repertoire and become an extremely versatile band offering the very best in Greek and Pop music. We perform a range of Dinner music during the wedding breakfast to entertain guests. There will always be something to suit all musical tastes!

As a band we have performed in many of the most popular wedding venues across the UK, in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Great Yarmouth, Western Supermere as well other areas in the Home Counties. We are also able to perform for functions internationally. 

Our full Diastello line-up consists of seven musicians

The Band

Tas - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute. Maria - Lead Vocals. George - Drum kit, Vocals. Kyri - Bouzouki, Bass Guitar. Gavin - Guitar. Alex - Lead Vocals. Georgio - Violin, Percussion.

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