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Tips for Booking Entertainment for your Wedding.

With over fifty weddings a year in the space of 9 months the Diastello Function Band have learnt a thing or two about what you need to know when booking a Wedding Band/ DJ & Solo Artist for your big day! Below is a list of the most relevant information to help you throughout the process. We hope that you find the tips helpful and that you have the perfect live entertainment experience possible on your big day!

Book well in advance 

The most popular live Bands/DJs and Solo Artists are booked 12 to 18 months in advance. To make the best choice, and to ensure you’re able to book who you want, we recommend booking at least a year or two ahead if possible. The Band/DJs and Solo Artists you want for your day are probably high quality performers in popular demand. Plan well in advance to avoid disappointment. Especially May bank holiday weekends!

Confirm your venue allows live music 

Make sure your reception venue is happy to accommodate the artist’s you’re interested in booking. Lots of venues have regulations when it comes to entertainment and live music so be sure to check with your venue that you have everything you need so you don’t end up disappointed when your artists’ performance is compromised. This includes sound limiters that measure decibels and individual regulations for listed buildings. READ THE SMALL PRINT THEY SEND OUT TO YOU!

Get feedback from your guests 

It’s always worth consulting with friends and family that the band you’re interested in is going to go down well with them. If you have attended a Greek wedding before the chances are you have already heard and seen them. The last thing you want on the day is an empty dance floor. The service you book should be ideally suited for you and your partner and will resonate well with your guests. The Band/DJ/Solo Artist should be able to carry the whole evening or the part of the day you want them. They need to be able to liaise with all the other professional services hired on the day.

Get a secure booking contract 

Most Bands/DJs/Solo Acts are not 100% confirmed until contracts are signed and any booking deposits are paid, so to be sure that your band are not booked up by someone else, make sure that prices are agreed, contracts are signed, sealed and delivered. It is imperative you read all the information and get confirmation sent to you.

Confirm all band details with your venue 

Ensuring your venue are clued up on who you’ve booked, the type of Band/DJ/Solo Act they are, equipment needs and stage space, and anything else they might need to know to do with logistics, can ward off any headaches at the last minute. This includes public liability insurance certificates, allocated parking, set up times, and how many people are involved in the set up.

Keep note of any changes 

Make sure your band are in the loop with regard to any changes to timings on the day which may affect them.

Consider your preferred play list 

Most professionals would rather that you let them know any songs you definitely DO or DON’T want from their repertoire, rather than a hard and fast list of songs that might make them feel a little less able to adapt their set to keep the dance floor full. Relay any song choices as early as possible especially if they have agreed to learn or play a special song or first dance. They will usually require a few weeks’ notice to prepare any new tracks. You should be confident enough to know they have the experience and professional capacity to keep your guests entertained and dance floor full.

Looking after your crew on the day 

The Band/DJ/ Solo Acts are usually there for you for many ours. This includes the time from arriving at the venue to set up until the end of the evening. The etiquette is to arrange a sustainable meal and access to refreshments. Remember they are there to make and contribute to your special day!

Double check payment method 

Usually, this will have been agreed at the time of booking but it’s always worth double checking how the they are expecting to be paid. In most cases this will be cash on the night. Ensure this has previously been discussed and dealt with thoroughly beforehand to avoid having to deal with awkward situations for both parties.

Keep an eye on your guests

The last thing you want is for the Band/DJ/Solo Artist to be struggling with an over enthusiastic uncle, or having to pick up broken equipment, knocked over by drunk party people. This includes leaving half empty drinks glasses on the stage.

Appoint a party spokesperson

Vital is there are any issues with volume or minor complaints. Should any problems arise. Ensure that a sober, level headed guest be appointed to raise any issues discreetly with the Band/DJ/Solo Artist.

Payment on the night

It’s always best if the Band/DJ/Solo Artist have spoken to someone beforehand to confirm who will be paying them. There’s nothing worse than having to chase down the best man / father of the groom / you or the venue manager at the end of the night when paying is that last thing on everyone’s list. A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay!

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